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    Challenges and opportunities for water-based garment leather in 2023

    In this day and age, sustainability has become a major concern for industries across the globe, and the fashion industry is no exception. As consumers become more aware of their own environmental im……


    How to find the real water-based PU leather manufacturer

    Today, as people pay more and more attention to environmental protection and sustainable development, more and more consumers begin to choose water-based PU leather products instead of traditional s……


    Water-based PU leather: The Choice that Combines Sustainability and Fashion

    Water-based PU leather: The Choice that Combines Sustainability and Fashion. In today’s society, sustainability has become an issue that we cannot ignore. However, there are still many essent……


    Water-based double-sided suede microfiber invention patent

    Warm congratulations to our company, Kaiyue Technology, and its parent company, Huayuan Tech, for obtaining a national invention patent authorization – (a water-based double-sided suede microf……


    Rush 40 degrees around the world, join us in our efforts to achieve carbon neutrality

    40 degrees is still hot? You may be having the coolest year of your life ahead. Welcome to the Waterborne KAIYUE News Station. Today, let’s talk about the heat wave sweeping the world and witn……


    It’s about family health! CCTV exposed that the carcinogenic dyes and formaldehyde of “pure cotton socks” exceeded the standard!

    Recently, CCTV news exposed the news that some “pure cotton socks” caused cancer and exceeded the standard of dyes in the sales promotion of some e-commerce platforms and live broadcasti……


    The rise of Guochao brand and the new trend of shoe leather selection

    From Xinjiang cotton to Zhengzhou rainstorm, some changes have taken place in the domestic consumer market. It is obvious that Guochao brands and sports products are sought after, and their high cos……


    History of selection of leather raw materials for automobile interior decoration

    Almost every family now has a car. As an indispensable means of transportation for commuting, transportation and family travel, more and more people pay attention to the maintenance of their cars. F……


    Do you know this year’s Olympic mascot? The future needs sustainable development.

    On August 8, 2021, the last day of the 2021 Tokyo Olympic Games, the closing ceremony began at 7 p.m. Beijing time. After 17 days, the Chinese team ended with 38 gold medals, 32 silver medals and 18……


    Things about the Tokyo Olympics Inventory of environmentally friendly new materials

    Recently, the Tokyo Olympic Games are being held in full swing. With the progress of the competition schedule, more and more questions about the Olympic Games have been circulated on the Internet, a……


    Did you choose the right shoe leather material? Let’s take a look at the popular trend!

    Recently, many enterprises have donated money to help the disaster areas in Nanjing and Zhengzhou flood, among which, the biggest response on the network is hongxingerk and the bird of the noble. Th……


    How to choose mold release agent for metal die casting

    A die-casting release agent is a kind of functional substance between the mold and the finished product. It is a type of processing aid that prevents the metal molded product from sticking to the mo……


    What are the main differences between water-based and solvent-free synthetic leather?

    Characteristics of waterborne polyurethane 1. The product is non-toxic and harmless Compared with solvent-based polyurethane synthetic leather, water-based polyurethane not only retains the excellen……


    Questions and answers about water-based PU leather, Kaiyue Tech will answer for you what is water-based PU and how to distinguish water-based leather from true and false

    Question: What is waterborne PU leather? Waterborne(Water-based) PU leather is called waterborne polyurethane synthetic leather. It is a synthetic leather made of waterborne polyurethane and does no……


    Water-based leather, Vegan leather, Recycled leather, Water-based microfiber.Which slow fashion hot words are consumers searching for?

    What is slow fashion? With the use of sustainable materials as the production premise, we will create and produce fashion products such as apparel and footwear. Water-based leather, vegan leather, r……


    What is vegan leather? Vegan Leather VS Faux Leather

    What is vegan leather? Vegan Leather is a new term derived from the development of the times. As the name implies, it refers to animal-friendly leather. The materials and production process of these……


    A water-based polyurethane resin composition and synthesis method

    Waterborne polyurethane resin belongs to the technical field of polymer materials, and waterborne polyurethane dispersion (PUD) is a coating and adhesive that uses water as the main solvent. Polyur……


    2021Trend of High-quality water-based clothing leather

    2021 water-based clothing leather fashion trend is officially released! Today, the editor of Kaiyue Technology will analyze the latest fashion trends next year from various perspectives such as clot……


    Water-based PU VS Animal Leather

    Water-based PU VS animal leather I think one of the most destructive confusions in the fashion industry is the belief that “leather is just a by-product, and if it is not used, it must be discarded.……


    What water-based washed leather? Demystifying the process of washing leather

    A brief introduction to water-based washed leather should be from two aspects. First of all, what is water-based? Water-based refers to the use of water-based polyurethane resins and water-based sur……

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